How Drugs Affect Your Teeth

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Forget everything else, as even the foods you eat can affect the health of your teeth. The beverages you enjoy can harm the beauty of your pearly whites. And your oral care, or lack of it thereof, can ruin the charms of your smile.  

Well, a lot of things can affect our teeth, and some will obviously cause more damage than others. Drug use is one such thing which can pose a variety of dental challenges to anyone, and everyone.

Worse still, drug use will have some damage, it does not matter whether you use prescription or illegal ones. It will entirely depend on the type of use you�re habitual to. So, being careful seems the only way out. 

How Drugs  Affect Your Teeth

More importantly, prescription drugs may cause only indirect nature of dental damages but from banned items, problems can be of destructive nature in true sense. It�s therefore important to be sure about the drugs you�re taking, else your dental health can suffer a great deal for sure.

The best strategy is to stay in touch with the dentist, report any side effects if there and then follow what being told. This will help you stay on top of your dental health. 

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Drug Use Side Effects On Your Teeth   

Not all drugs will have side effects. You however should be careful about the ones you are prescribed to. Since drugs are of different types, nobody can be sure in which way they can impact your teeth.  

In general, drug use can lead to some of these symptoms - 

Dry mouth
Mouth sores
Inflammation and swelling
Tooth Decay

Drug Use Side effects � Things To Know

You are not going to stop using drugs even if they may have some side effects on your teeth. You however can know certain things to ensure optimum dental health, together with minimizing risks to your teeth and gums.

Let�s look at some of key things with drug use side effects -

Most of drug use side effects will be temporary in nature and the moment you discontinue the use, they might go away in a day or two

In most cases, doctors/dentists even warn patients about some side effects, like swelling in the gums or dry mouth

Patients, who are on prescription drugs, should always convey to the dentist the medications they are taking and the side effects they are experiencing to prevent bigger health concerns over time

If dentists are timely informed about any side effects, he/she can start a right treatment, or change the medication, to suit your needs

Dry mouth happens to be the most common side effects of prescription drugs but that does not mean you hide it away from the dentist, else it could aggravate into something bigger

You will at a greater risk to cavities and tooth decay in future if you don�t report dry mouth side effects to the dentist and allow saliva production in the mouth to get severely affected

Some drugs like crystal meth are extremely harmful for your dental health as they can turn pearly white teeth into pitch-dark black color, leading to worst form of decay

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The decay caused by crystal meth is often so serious in nature that it tears apart the teeth and even cause infections in the bone, requiring only a full-mouth surgery to ensure dental functionality 

Drugs are not the only culprit with side effects to your teeth but tobacco-use in any form too can have similar effects on your teeth

Tobacco use in any form, whether smoked or chewed, can stain the teeth and damage the gums, causing weakened dental structure and affecting the bones and soft tissues of the place where teeth get attached 

Drinking alcohol too can have side effects equivalent to drug use, since liquor tends to be acidic and can weaken the enamel and leave you with dry mouth 

Clearly, drug use is something you need to reconsider if there are side effects to your teeth and gums. It�s always helpful to consult best dentist in queens New York and devise a right treatment plan to counter the damages and risks that some drugs can cause. Only this can help you have a perfect smile worthy of attention. 

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