Those Who Are Fine': Film Review

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A Zurich call-focus laborer starts defrauding elderly ladies in Cyril Schaublin's presentation include, getting its North American debut at New Directors/New Films.

The Switzerland visitor authority will most likely be not as much as excited by Cyril Schaublin's presentation include. Portraying the city of Zurich as a heartless place in which individuals are slaves to their money related information, Those Who Are Fine gives a false representation of its brightly hopeful title. Richly created and captured, while relatively claustrophobic in its curbed force, the film exhibits its tyro movie producer as an amazing true to life beautician. It as of late got its North American debut cordiality of the Film Society of Lincoln Center and Museum of Modern Art's New Directors/New Films celebration.

The scanty story to a great extent spins around Alice (Sarah Stauffer), a specialist at a call community for an organization called Everywhere Switzerland that offers such items as network access and medical coverage. Alice's activity, which includes much monotonous icy calling of forthcoming customers, gives her the ideal chance to execute a criminal trick in her off-hours. It includes calling elderly ladies and, utilizing the data she's gathered at her normal everyday employment, putting on a show to be their granddaughter in urgent need of assets. (That such plans going after the elderly have turned out to be regular lately just adds to the film's disheartening reverberation.)

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Alice demonstrates very proficient in her criminal undertaking and is soon influencing heavy stores into her bank to account. She shows no feeling while at the same time conferring her fakes. Her detached attitude, notwithstanding when meeting her casualties up close and personal, ends up significant of her urban condition in which mankind appears an idea in retrospect. Indeed, even the two cops researching the case are more keen on talking about their cellphone bearers' information administrations than the human toll of the wrongdoings they're endeavoring to explain.

The Zurich delineated here appears to be without air and light, a frosty and tragic culture in which individuals approach their day by day lives with automated consistency. The advanced engineering is comparatively restricting, giving a somber situation that DP Silvan Hillman frequently shoots from high above to emphasize its expansive scale and absence of warmth. Policemen are demonstrated halting individuals to lead arbitrary sack checks because of a bomb risk, however you get the inclination that it's just a question of schedule. The discourse as a general rule comprises of characters stiltedly trading insights about ledgers (how Swiss!), web passwords, information designs and other specialized details. Humanity had been rendered computerized, diminished to a progression of 0's and 1's. Notwithstanding when individuals endeavor to associate on a more private level, for example, portraying a film they've as of late watched, they're not able remember something as fundamental as its title.

Undoubtedly, a tad bit of this formalistic meticulousness goes far. Well before Those Who Are Fine achieves the finish of its concise running time, watchers may get themselves enfeebled by the life-sucking airlessness of the procedures. Luckily, the film gives enough measurements of wily, inconspicuous funniness to influence its drug to go down more easily.

Creation: Seeland Filmproduktion, Amon Films, Film IGRF

Cast: Sarah Stauffer, Nikolai Bosshardt, Fidel Morf, Daniel Bachmann, Pascale Birchler, Tobias Spichtig, Li Taylor

Executive/screenwriter: Cyril Schaublin

Makers: Lara Hacisalihzade, Cyril Schaublin, Silvan Hillmann

Executive of photography: Silvan Hillmann

Supervisor: Cyril Schaublin

Writer: Linda Vogel

Ensemble originator: Irene Schweizer

Setting: New Directors/New Films

71 min.

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