Nokia 8 review: Nokia looks and Nexus feel make for a very enjoyable experience

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Confounded sentimentality. It's elusive another approach to depict my inclination at the present time as I take a seat to compose this Nokia 8 audit. For the individuals who don't have the foggiest idea about my history, my profession covering cell phones began with an individual blog in 2006 and a Nokia 3250 XpressMusic. For quite a long while, I was Dotsisx (.sisx), an epithet that summons the amount I was included with the Symbian OS. I assessed telephones, I secured occasions, I put in hours every day searching for the best applications and amusements. Notwithstanding when the principal iPhone propelled and Android began making waves, I was a Symbian client totally. It wasn't until late 2010 when, alongside my accomplice Ricky Cadden, we anticipated the destruction of Symbian and Nokia that I proceeded onward to Android. It was a monstrous separation, the kind where messy clothing gets publicized in broad daylight and secured by Engadget however where you have so much love left that you're leaving severe, knowing you've given it your closest to perfect and that there's nothing left there for you. The future lies somewhere else.

For quite a long time I have seen from far off as the Nokia that I knew dwindled into its very own skeleton self, changed hands and strategies, and failed much further. I didn't expect the return, so the previous year has been completely captivating. The new Nokia isn't the same Nokia I once adored: it is a start-up and not a behemoth, it has a quick moving adaptable system and not a bound and determined in its ways lack of concern, it concentrates on unadulterated Android and not Symbian/Meego/Windows Phone, it is actually HMD yet a large number of the executives are ex-Nokia... So, it resembles somebody took the DNA of the Nokia that was and modified a cutting edge, coordinated, and enhanced form.

On the off chance that you asked me in 2010 whether I'd ever observe myself utilizing a Nokia cell phone again and really getting a charge out of it, I would have shaken my head in dismay. However here we are, with this fairly long prologue to the Nokia 8 audit: I am utilizing the telephone and I am getting a charge out of it. The new Nokia has done as such much right that I can suggest it once more, in great inner voice. In any case, this is only the begin, there's still a great deal that HMD needs to enhance to pick up if just a bit of Nokia's past sparkle.


Processor Snapdragon 835


Storage 64GB/128GB or more microSD

Display 5.3" 1440 x 2560 IPS LCD

Battery 3,090mAh with USB-C 3.1 and Qualcomm QuickCharge 3.0

Raise Camera Dual 13 MP (shading + monochrome), f/2.0, laser and stage location Autofocus, Carl Zeiss optics, OIS, double LED (double tone) streak

Front Camera 13 MP, f/2.0, stage location self-adjust


Software Android 7.1.1 (Android 8.0 Oreo completed beta testing and is inescapable)

Dimensions 151.5 x 73.7 x 7.9 mm (5.96 x 2.90 x 0.31 in)

Weight 160 g (5.64 oz)

Other IP54 confirmed, Bluetooth 5.0, 3.5mm earphone jack, 3 mouthpieces, Nokia OZO sound, unique mark sensor


Build The outline dialect is reminiscent of the Nokia of yore and, similar to it, this thing is assembled like a tank. I have dropped it more than 15 times so far on a wide range of surfaces and it has only two or three close imperceptible scratches.

Display Even however it's LCD, it's an incredible board with magnificent survey points and great outside perceivability and hues. No worry for blue-move, picture maintenance, or consume in like on numerous AMOLED shows.

Software The Android encounter is liquid on the Nokia 8 with no detectable swell. On the off chance that you like stock Android, this holds fast to it nearly to the letter.

Speed The Nokia 8 is quick and I presently can't seem to encounter any hiccups or moderate downs.

HMD's refresh promise HMD has been issuing security refreshes for its lineup rather every now and again and rapidly, and has completed beta testing Android 8.0 Oreo for the Nokia 8.

Well-rounded Top of the line processor, extensive inner stockpiling, MicroSD, NFC, USB-C, Bluetooth 5.0, earphone jack... the Nokia 8 doesn't hold back on the specs.


Slippery The back aluminum and bended sides are outlandishly elusive. There's nothing to hold on. I can't utilize this telephone one-gave without being frightened of dropping it, which has happened commonly. Get a case, that is the main suggestion I can give you.

Camera For a Carl Zeiss double focal point setup, I had higher desires. The camera takes OK shots, however is moderate in low-light conditions, sets aside a little opportunity to center, and HDR comes about are normal. The Camera application could likewise utilize a few changes.

No water resistance The Nokia 8 is just IP54-affirmed, which implies it can deal with some tidy and sprinkles of water. No inundation however.

Plan and materials

In the event that you've at any point run over a Lumia gadget, the plan of the Nokia 8 will feel extremely natural to you. The dark front glass plate with adjusted corners, the way it bends toward the sides of the telephones, the metallic outskirts scattered with reception apparatus lines, they are on the whole very reminiscent of the Lumia 925 for me. Without a doubt, the last doesn't have a completely metallic back, however the likeness on the front is somewhat uncanny. Flip over the Nokia 8 and the vertical focal point group will inspire recollections of the Lumia 800, 920, and 928 among numerous others. The Lumias were more conspicuous due to their brilliant polycarbonate shells with popping hues, yet the substance of the outline is still there now.

Nokia Lumia 925 on the best, Nokia 8 on the base.

The component Nokia worried on amid the presentation of the 8 was its development from a solitary bit of aluminum metal. The unibody configuration looks incredible and the anodized surface is exceptionally satisfying to the touch. On the off chance that I walk my finger from the side of the telephone to the show, I can scarcely feel where one finishes and alternate starts. I've gotten a few compliments from individuals about the look and feel of Nokia 8, even in the exhausting steel (dim) shading that I have. I'm certain the naval force or orange units would have collected much more acclaim and intrigue.

The dark front canvassed in Gorilla Glass 5 is wonderful, and however many will scrutinize the extensive bezels, I don't worry about them. None of the companions and other individuals who saw the Nokia 8 with me said them either; the no-bezel elitism hasn't contacted the mass gathering of people yet. The best and base are not symmetric (the last one is taller), but rather they're sufficiently comparative that I've held the telephone numerous a period in the wrong heading in low-light and set my finger on the earpiece.

Next to the earpiece, the best bezel has the Nokia logo and houses the front 13MP camera. You won't perceive some other component as the vicinity sensor is by all accounts under the earpiece and the surrounding light sensor covers with the camera, from my testing. The base bezel has the capacitive catches, organized appropriately and shape, and a rectangular unique mark peruser. I am not an enthusiast of this sensor position, inclining toward the ones on the back. Be that as it may, I'll offer it to Nokia on the speed and precision front. It required a long investment to show it each of my thumbs, yet once that was done, the Nokia 8 never neglected to remember them in the previous month that I've been utilizing it. The scanner is likewise quick and gives a fantastic short vibration when it enlists a known unique mark (two for obscure prints). Be that as it may, on the off chance that you need to open your telephone from an aggregate rest state, it requires a small amount of a moment longer than in an application or on the lockscreen, which implies that you'll must be consider about opening it and it won't wake up by botch in case you're simply holding the telephone.

The highest point of the Nokia 8 has the 3.5mm headset plug, while the base has an amplifier gap, USB-C 3.1 charging port, and amplifier. The last is somewhat louder than my S7 Edge, yet it's nothing to expound on. The position makes it inclined to inadvertent covering with your palm and fingers while you're holding the telephone.

The left side houses the double SIM/MicroSD card plate and the correct side has the power and volume catches which stand out a little with chamfered edges. The vibe and snap of these is exceptionally particular and fulfilling.

The back of the telephone has the Nokia logo, affirmation logos, a "Composed by HMD Global Oy" engraving, and after that the camera group on the best. It's raised a little and canvassed in glass, and houses the double 13MP cameras, double tone LED blaze, and laser self-adjust. Over it, you'll locate the second receiver gap. Nokia says there are 3 receivers on the 8, however I can't see the third one. Chances are it's inserted in another component.

Be that as it may, the issue with the unibody configuration is that it doesn't represent grasp, by any means. Each and every time I hold the Nokia 8 and endeavor to utilize it one-gave, I likewise hold my heart with the other hand since I feel its certainty dropping. There's zero grasp around the edges or the back and the aluminum is smooth to the point that I can't depend on adjusting the 8 against my palm or fingers while utilizing my thumb to open the unique finger impression scanner, parchment, swipe, or sort. While different gadgets advantage from a tad of finger oil to better adhere to your hand, the Nokia 8 gets more elusive.

I'm not pleased to let it be known, but rather I've just dropped the Nokia 8 more than 15, possibly 20, times. It has slipped out of my coat and jeans stashes a few times also, when I twisted down to pick something. I am an extremely watchful client, yet I am additionally somewhat ungainly, and the 8 is simply not the telephone for me to use as seems to be. I generally buy cases for my gadgets, yet since the Nokia 8 hasn't authoritatively propelled in Lebanon yet, I can't discover any cases for it and needed to arrange them from some no-name merchant on eBay. Despite everything i'm pausing, and meanwhile, the 8 continues falling.

The moderating variable however is that this telephone is manufactured like a tank. It has survived falls on black-top, solid, asphalts, and artistic tiles with just two or three little gouges and one scratch close to the unique mark sensor that you may spot in a portion of the photographs. One time it additionally took off my hand while I was on the circular and knock against 3 or 4 sections of the machine before it fell on the floor, show initially, with a crash that was nearly as lo

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