6 Amazing Health Benefits Of Raw Milk (For Skin, Blood Pressure and More)

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One of the most nutritious and popular milk in the whole world is definitely Cow's milk. Thanks to its versatility, you can use it to make butter, yogurt, cheese, snoothies, ice creams and shakes. You can as well enjoy it as a refreshing drink, which boasts of innumerable health benefits.

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Generally, most people consume pasteurized milk which also heave its own health benefits. But are you aware that raw and unpasteurized milk also has some benefits to offer you? In case you are not, let me unveil some of this health benefits of raw milk to you. But before I do, let me get you acquainted with what raw milk is all about.

6 Amazing Health Benefits Of Raw Milk (For Skin, Blood Pressure and More)

What is raw milk?

Raw milk is a superfood that is produced from cows. It is termed "raw" because it has not undergone the process of pasteurization (a process that heats milk to high temperatures in order to kill pathogens that may be found inside due to contamination. Raw milk is loaded with nutrients and enzymes that helps boost your immunity, and helps alleviate allergies. It is also lighter when compared to pasteurized milk, which makes it very easy to digest. Let me now show you some of its health benefits.

1. it helps to control blood pressure

Raw milk contains high amount of proteins that are made of casein, which helps in maintaining healthy blood pressure and increase the absorption of minerals.

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2. Excellent for your gut bacteria

Raw milk also contains healthy bacteria which makes it a great probiotic drink which immense benefits for your digestive system. It contains various enzymes that may help improve the digestion of nutrients from other foods.

3. Rich in natural vitamins

Fat present in raw milk contains soluble vitamins like vitamin A, K, and E. Raw milk is also rich in water soluble vitamins like vitamin C and B complex, which is generally destroyed during pasteurization as a result of exposure to excess heat. Commercially speaking, pasteurized milk s mostly fortified with vitamins.

4. Helps in maintaining healthy bones and teeth

Milk is well-known as one of the best sources of calcium. Raw milk contains a good amount of calcium compared to pasteurized milk. Calcium on the other hand helps in building stringer and healthier bones and teeth. Another good news is that calcium from raw milk is easily absorbed by the body.

5. Raw milk benefits for skin

Raw milk has lots of benefits for your skin, for example it is an excellent skin toner and moisturizer. You can simply apply raw milk topically during winter to make your skin soft and supple. Regular use of it on your face and skin can make you have a glowing skin.

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All these benefits of raw milk can encourage you to use it more often. But it is wise for you to always consult your doctor before switching to raw milk in case if it will have any side effects on your health. Also note that raw milk can also contain certain bacteria that may eventually cause some health issues, so ensure you get your raw milk from a reputable place.

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