6 Amazing Health Benefits Of Epsom Salt (Magnesium Sulphate)

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For some years now, Epsom salt (Magnesium Sulphate) has been useful in various health and beauty therapy. From the chemical name, you will realise that it is a magnesium-based salt rather than the traditional sodium-based one.

Many studies has proven that many people lack the mineral, magnesium, due to low levels of magnesium in most of the foods we eat. Using Epsom salt is one of the best way to increase the level of magnesium in our body. Apart from increasing the level of magnesium in your body, Epsom salt has numerous health benefits, as it can cure skin problems, soothe pain and muscle strain, detoxifies the body, and also treat cough and cold.  Some of the amazing health benefits of Epsom salt are listed below.

6 Amazing Health Benefits Of Epsom Salt (Magnesium Sulphate)

6 Health Benefits Of Epsom Salt (Magnesium Sulphate)

1. Increases magnesium levels

Having adequate amount of magnesium in your body is highly important. You can suffer from low magnesium levels when you consume much alcohol or you have high calcium levels. One simple way of increasing the magnesium level in your body is by soaking your feet or entire body in a bath with Epsom salt. The benefits of this is that it boosts the proper functioning of your body and lowers your risk of heart disease, osteoporosis, digestive disorder, and even mental illness.

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2. It reduces stress

Soaking yourself in a bath containing Epsom salt can also help you reduce body and mental stress. It also help in fighting against neuro-psychiatric disorders. A research conducted by the University of North Carolina shows that being magnesium deficient can increase your stress level, and an intake of magnesium has a profound effect on stress and neutral excitability.

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3. It eliminates toxins

The sulphates in Epsom salt are very helpful in getting rid of your body toxins. They are also good in the detoxification of heavy metals, thereby lowering the accumulation of harmful substances inside your body. You can achieve all these by making a detox bath. A detox bath can be made by adding at least two cups of Epsom salt to bath water and soak for 40 minutes at most.

4. It relieves constipation

Epsom salt is also very useful in relieving constipation. The salt acts like a laxative by increasing water in your intestines and cleansing your colon of waste. This solution is actually temporary and does not have long time benefits. You should also take note that it is important to drink plenty of liquids while consuming Epsom salt, as it helps to prevent dehydration.

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5. It reduces pain and inflammation

A warm bath made of Epsom salt is known to reduce pain and inflammation. This is why the salt is so important in treating bronchial asthma, sore muscles and migraine. It also helps in reducing the stress and swelling of muscles that is accompanied with sprains and bruises.

7. It improves blood sugar levels

Having adequate level of magnesium in the body is linked with a reduced risk of developing diabetes. Magnesium and Sulphate, are both components of Epsom salt, and they help to improve your body's ability to produce and utilise insulin. This can lower your risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes, and as well checkmate diabetes from getting out of control.

All these are some of the benefits you will start enjoying when you start making use of Epsom salt from today onwards. Please use the share icons below to share this message on Facebook and other social media platform of your choice.

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