ZTE Axon M review: the foldable phone is here

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ZTE tries to handle the possibility of a foldable telephone by including a moment screen in with the general mish-mash. While this may mean twofold the work, twofold the fun, and twofold the play, the story isn't as straightforward as it at first appears. A without a doubt fascinating and cool investigate what our cell phone prospects could in the long run be winds up getting impeded by issues despite everything we have today. This is our full ZTE Axon M survey.

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Outline and Display

The conspicuous outline decision lies in the foldable idea of the Axon M, and from a look it nearly resembles the first Nintendo DS. Rather than the screens being within the overlay however, they're on the external shell. Unfurling the gadget uncovers double 5.2-inch IPS boards at Full HD determination. Utilizing the two screens together as one in the broadened mode yields a viable 6.75-inch tablet-like surface, which we will cover all the more later.

Gone up against their own, either IPS board is unequivocally normal – hues aren't especially punchy and I saw that the optional screen plays a modest round of make up for lost time to the fundamental show, as components on the correct trail simply behind everything on the left. This doesn't break the general involvement, as it is just extremely detectable while looking through long applications and sites. In this way, beside there being two screens, these showcases are generally not very uncommon.

A cool investigate our cell phone fates

There is little to say in regards to the internal part – this is all screens, constantly. Indeed, even the camera is involved a solitary focal point on the fundamental show, and the telephone requires you flip the shut telephone around keeping in mind the end goal to get to the back or forward looking modes.


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Over to one side of the principle screen are the greater part of the catches, including one that is utilized for 'television Mode'. As this telephone is an AT&T select, the transporter pushes its DirecTV benefits as a principle method for utilizing one of the screens while multitasking. This TV Mode, in any case, can be set to any media program like Youtube, Netflix, or HBO Go – and holding down on the catch triggers the programmable application while twofold tapping the key can open up the camera.

With the catches all on the left and the way that this telephone unfurls to one side, left gave use turned into the standard amid my opportunity with the Axon M. Utilizing the telephone one submitted the shut arrangement wasn't a major ordeal, yet opening the gadget utilizing my correct hand required utilization of my file or center finger on the power catch, where the unique finger impression sensor is installed. This was ungainly now and again considering the level power catch is recessed to some degree into the edge of the telephone – it was once in a while difficult to press such that the sensor could read my unique finger impression at the same time.

Generally, the weight loans the Axon M a durable vibe, yet having screens without anyone else hazards. Anybody that despises a smudgy support on their customary cell phones will be irritated by the reality those same boorish imprints are here being put on a genuine show.

The weight loans a tough vibe

I've yet to perceive any cases that improve either the taking care of or include insurance, so in case you're by and large awkward, each knock or drop could spell certain fate. My unit really dropped one time in light of the fact that the screen essentially slid off of a spotless table surface, yet fortunately it didn't fall straightforwardly on a screen and rather maintained a scrape on one of the sides. Gratefully ZTE and AT&T safeguard the telephone for up to two years, so getting a substitution won't be quite a bit of an issue if these most pessimistic scenario situations happen.


Before we get into the experience of utilizing a double screen telephone, how about we get whatever is left of the determinations off the beaten path. Lamentably for a telephone that is relied upon to pull twofold time, the specs sheet peruses like a solitary screen gadget from a year ago.

The Snapdragon 821 is here with 4 GB of RAM, expandable capacity past the included 64 GB, and a 3,180 mAh battery.

The Snapdragon 821 is here with 4 GB of RAM, expandable capacity past the included 64 GB, and a 3,180 mAh battery. While we have a lot of discharges this year that outperform even the 6 GB of RAM edge and shake the Snapdragon 835, ZTE to some degree shoots itself in the foot for not endeavoring to put the most perfect determinations in their novel Axon M.

ZTE Axon M

Display Both shows: 5.2-inch TFT LCD

1920 x 1080 determination

426 ppi

Corning Gorilla Glass 5

Processor 2.15 GHz quad-center Qualcomm Snapdragon 821


Storage 64 GB

MicroSD Yes, up to 2 TB

Cameras Rear camera: 20 MP sensor with a f/1.8 opening, PDAF, double picture adjustment, double LED streak

Front camera: N/A - raise confronting camera can be used in forward looking mode

SIM Nano

Battery 3,180 mAh


Brisk Charge 3.0

Connectivity Bluetooth 4.2

USB Type-C

USB 2.0

Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/air conditioning 2.4 GHz/5 GHz


Audio 3.5 mm earphone jack

Software Android 7.1.2 Nougat

Measurements and weight 150.8 x 71.6 x 12.1 mm

230 g


Utilizing the two screens cuts the single-screen battery life into equal parts

To the extent the battery life is concerned, utilizing the telephone in a shut design and utilizing just a single screen yielded around 4 hours of screen on time, which is regular for an ordinary telephone.

On a couple of events I endeavored to utilize the telephone quite often with the two screens enacted, either in the expanded or double mode, and the battery life was basically sliced down the middle, with my SoT dropping down to around 2.5 hours. I was tickled by how much sense that made – with two screens on one battery, this is fundamentally what we anticipated.



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The camera is comprised of one unit that is found over the fundamental show, and is a 20 MP shooter that does not have various improvements we could contend are essential for top of the line cell phone photography – beginning with optical adjustment.

The application has a couple of various modes including to some degree hearty manual controls, which is pleasant. Shockingly, it's somewhat of a torment to need to flip the telephone around each and every opportunity to do back or forward looking photographs. It is an original plan to exploit either screen for the one effective shooter – and I do like utilizing the committed catch as a shade discharge – yet the outcomes simply don't stack up.

Having YouTube on one side while drafting messages on the other turned into a typical application combine.

Without adjustment, pictures frequently had obscure in everything except the brightest conditions. Close by this fundamental issue is the camera's issue with dynamic range, even with HDR left on. The absence of adjustment likewise appears in video catch, where flimsiness breaks generally tolerable looking 4K film. While the Axon M can be a nice shooter in brilliant conditions, the way it goes into disrepair in even medium lighting is difficult to look past.


An earphone jack is incorporated and the locally available speaker is fueled by Dolby Atmos

Whatever is left of the telephone is really standard charge – an earphone jack is incorporated here, and the locally available speaker is controlled by Dolby Atmos. It is a solitary terminating unit, however, and it performs sufficiently well to share content that you may reflect crosswise over both showcases.

Imparting substance to another person through the previously mentioned tent arrangement is one of the cooler parts of the Axon M, and in the event that you and an accomplice are without a doubt hoping to watch a similar video, this is the main telephone that can do it. Be that as it may, shouldn't something be said about the majority of alternate uses for a double screen gadget? Each one of those potential outcomes are assigned by the 'M' in the softkey bar, which changes the show mode.

It's conceivable to have the telephone unfurled with just the left screen on, an extended mode where the two screens in picture are utilized as one major canvas, a reflected mode where the two screens demonstrate a similar stuff, lastly a double mode where either screen can be utilized freely to multitasking.


Multitasking is a concentration for the Axon M, and not only for media – despite the fact that that may be the best utilize case. Having YouTube on one side while drafting messages on the other turned into a typical application match, and putting the whole telephone in either picture or scene was conceivable. There are two or three tradeoffs – in scene mode, the media looks much better; in picture mode, writing is colossally simpler particularly when swipe composing.

The Axon M is the main telephone fit for double checking the cell phone involvement

One of my most loved double errands has been for gaming, where I had Final Fantasy IX (I guarantee one day I'll complete it) on the fundamental screen while the auxiliary show demonstrated a walkthrough that I referenced at whatever point I stalled out. The double screen mode is the technique that bodes well, and anybody that is really looking to double screen their cell phones can take a gander at the Axon M as the main telephone prepared to do such an accomplishment.

Both showcases can be utilized together in general canvas

In another mode, both showcases can be utilized together in general canvas, as the product extends applications. This is an intriguing at the end of the day imperfect approach, where from one perspective you have twofold the screen land yet on the other there is a diverting line of bezel chopping directly down the center.

While I could suspend reality and simply overlook that the line was there, it was in gaming that I thought that it was irritating. Once more, tradeoffs – having controls on either screen and a huge outline of the diversion was fine, however cutting wha

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